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  • Cut weeks out of the implementation time for any strategy, business plan, corporate plan, change or project.
  • WorkNav makes planning the detail easy, so everyone knows what to do.  Keep plans and To Do lists synchronized, so less meetings are needed.
  • Keep internal and external stakeholders focused and informed on what they need to do to achieve the strategy goal.  Plus smart progress reporting provides early warning, so unpleasant surprises are eliminated.
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"With TASKey WorkNav, we now manage twice as many new product development projects and always launch products on time".
The KraMar Pet Company
"TASKey WorkNav provides an efficient and simple method of tracking Council's compliance requirements to ensure that deadlines are met."
Bathurst Regional Council
"Before using TASKey WorkNav implementing change initiatives was extremely difficult. Now TASKey WorkNav maintains a simple framework of what we need to do, and provides the feedback we need to control our changes."
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Turn your strategies into action plans & lead your people to achieve your goals and objectives.

When your time is precious and the pressure is on for you to lead your people to generate results in record time with minimum resources, you need a proven, powerful and practical solution to pull it together and drive it.

It is no longer enough to set a goal and create a strategic plan, then trust that your people will sort out and implement the detail.  If you want to maintain control and achieve your goals, strategies must be driven.

The Secret to Success

The TASKey strategy implementation solution employs a simple one page planning template that is being used by thousands of people in over 175 countries to develop powerful action plans in around 10 minutes.  These action plans are easy to implement, because the people who developed them understand them.

WorkNav web and mobile software makes it easy to break down a strategy into small actionable plans that provide relevant detail when implementers need it. The secret is that action plan goals are easily aligned to the strategic goal, so when all action plans are completed the strategic goal is achieved.

Only Need to Know information presented.

Strategies are hard to implement when people find it hard to work out what is relevant to them, what is happening and what they need to do, when and with whom.  Without this information, they are forced to guess.

WorkNav software tracks and coordinates relevant tasks, actions, teams, and To Do's.  Need to know information is presented from each user's perspective, so they can stay focused and not be overwhelmed.

Increase Productivity and Cut Your Costs.

Most organizations spend a lot of time, effort and funds developing strategies.  But these costs are small compared to implementation costs.

WorkNav software is like having an implementation team facilitating your strategy.  Users are kept updated, so problems can be fixed when they are small.  WorkNav does most of the otherwise manual work, leaving more time for productive work.

Start Achieving Your Strategic Goals Right Now.

You don't need a team of consultants, because with WorkNav software your existing teams can implement your strategies productively.  A series of short training web videos makes WorkNav easy to learn.

You can sign-up to WorkNav for free and start using it with all your work mates today.  You will be amazed at how easy implementing a strategy can be.

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