Why use WorkNav? – to make your plans successful

WorkNav makes it easy to stay on your best path through work from anywhere at any time.

Use WorkNav to help you develop and implement any agile plan successfully.  You don't need any planning experience; you just need to be able to enter a goal and To Dos, tag the people involved, and then tick off To Dos when complete.

WorkNav's planning and implementing system does the rest for you in the background, without the need for many meetings and other communications.

WorkNav helps users plan and implement successfully through:

  1. A clear goal
  2. A simple to understand and update workflow (list of To Dos)
  3. A person responsible for every task and To Do
  4. Relevant information about what needs to happen, what has happened and actual progress
  5. Timely notifications of changes
  6. An easy to understand record of what has been done, when and with whom
  7. Templates to focus and simplify planning

Only WorkNav can globally network and organize people to work together to successfully plan and implement strategies, projects, tasks, and processes. WorkNav is free and contains everything you need to plan and implement successfully.

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WorkNav can be used by teams of all sizes.

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