Increasing Working Level Efficiency

by Dr Neil Miller 31. August 2011 17:10

A major deficiency exists in workplace management – poor efficiency at the working level (that is operational, tactical, team and personal time management).  The majority of the work on strategies, projects and larger tasks is done by teams and individuals at the working level.  But until now, there have been no consistent methods and tools that help teams and individuals work together efficiently and keep management informed in real-time.

Strategy and Project Management use a framework of tasks and sub-tasks to provide alignment and higher level coordination.   Task Management breaks these tasks and sub-tasks into a workflow of the To Do’s required to complete each task. 

                  Strategies & Projects   ßà  Tasks & Sub Tasks  ßà    To Do’s

In simple terms, working level management includes all task management and the implementation of strategies and projects. 

Currently most working level management is done manually.  Emails, telephone calls, informal and formal meetings, and agreed processes are used to track, align and coordinate Tasks and To Do’s with people.  This manual approach is high risk and very inefficient, because it relies on each person remembering and actually doing what they agreed to do, when and with whom, plus keeping relevant stakeholders informed.  Accountability is often unclear, because it can be difficult to identify who needs to or who has done what, when and with whom.

At the working level, most people simply want to be able to answer two questions, “what is happening?” and “what do I need to do now and in the near future?”  Unfortunately these questions are difficult to answer using manual methods.  Some software tools are available but they are either designed for specialist areas (such as strategy, project, process, risk), or are so generic (such as email, instant messaging, SharePoint) that they provide little more than connectivity.

A practical solution is urgently required to eliminate the poor alignment and poor coordination that causes significant inefficiencies and stress at the working level.  TASKey has developed a simple solution to align and automate working level coordination of tasks and To Do’s.  This solution breaks new ground and makes it easier to do more with less time and effort. 

TASKey’s relatively simple solution helps teams and individuals work together more efficiently and keep management informed in real-time.  The solution matches the way people naturally work so training, and adoption time and effort can be minimised.    A web and mobile software tool called Me2Team makes it easy to apply the TASKey solution consistently and globally.

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