We're a Leading Management Consultancy with over 25 years Software Development Experience.

Our focus is to help organisations achieve their business goals in the most efficient and effective means possible with a solid understanding and approach to management science and using IT to reduce complexity and lower costs

TASKey is an Australian, privately owned, management consultancy and software development organisation, founded in 1991 by Dr. Neil Miller.

We provide software tools that enable companies, teams and individuals to implement their business processes to achieve goals and objectives.

TASKey WorkNav enables people to manage critical work together by linking their personal and team actions to the wider business objectives.  The first web version of WorkNav was released in early 2001 under the name TASKey TEAM.

TASKey's leadership and management methods have been validated in the workplace through feedback from clients, ranging from small businesses to large government departments. The continuing company focus is on leadership and management that makes it easy for people to work together effectively, anywhere, anytime.

About Dr Neil Miller

Dr Miller is Managing Director of TASKey Pty Ltd and holds responsibility for the organisation's research and development and overall sales and support.  He has extensive leadership experience leading a diverse range of teams up to a national organization with 16,000 members.  He has run hundreds of projects and operations, including business continuity planning across the Australian Defence Department for Y2K.

Since establishing TASKey in 1991, Neil's main focus has been developing and validating leadership and management methods and software tools that allow individuals and teams (within and outside organisations) to work together effectively in changing environments.  His one page 10 minute action (work) plan template is being used in over 150 countries.

Along with consulting in the Private and Public sectors, he has presented a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and public courses/workshops for the Australian Defence Force Academy, University of Canberra, Australian National University, Australian Graduate School of Management, Australian School of Business; and Australian Institute of Management.

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