WorkNav uses 4 Simple Screens

The WorkNav personal Work Navigator has four main screens:

  1. Home
  2. Task Tree – Task Involvement map
  3. Live Plan – Task Workflow map
  4. My ToDo – Personal ToDo map

It is important to remember that a lot of the information is entered and maintained by other team members.

The Home Screen

Home gives easy access to:

My ToDo – ToDos relevant to you
Live Plan – The selected Task’s workflow
Task Tree – Personalized tree of relevant tasks
Group Members – Build your community
Search – Find relevant information or people
Help – StepThru & online Manual

Other useful information:

  • My Profile
  • Invitations to connect with others or join a group
  • Task and ToDo Comments
  • Fast access to Changes that affect you
  • PDF version of your Progress Chart

The Task Tree Screen

Task Tree makes it easy to:

  • See a personalized map of all the tasks that are relevant to you.
  • Add new tasks and sub-tasks.
  • Click on task names to navigate to the selected task’s workflow.
  • See task progress and status graphically in the box to the left of the task name.

The Live Plan Screen

Live Plan makes it easy to:

  • See the workflow for the selected task.
  • Add or edit ToDo’s and change their order in the task workflow.
  • Add notes, comments, and reminders to a ToDo.
  • Tick off ToDo’s when complete
  • See progress by the details of ToDo’s completed in the workflow.
  • Send plan and ToDo emails

My ToDo List Screen

My ToDo List makes it easy to:

  • See all the ToDo’s for all the tasks you are involved in.
  • Add or edit ToDo's.
  • Navigate a path through all your ToDo’s.
  • Filter ToDo’s and generate reports.
  • Access the context of a ToDo in its task workflow

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