How It Works

  • You add your tasks and share them with other people.  Other people add tasks and share them with you.  WorkNav automatically builds and updates your work community and a personalized tree of all your tasks.
  • You create and update shared task workflows.  WorkNav automatically creates and updates task plans and a personal ToDo list from all your tasks.  You navigate a path through all your ToDo’s that works for you.
  • WorkNav automatically updates progress from completed ToDo’s in task workflows and displays on an interactive Task bar chart.  You are automatically kept informed of any changes that affect you.  A variety of helpful reports are instantly available.  You fine-tune task workflows to accommodate changes.

Relevant task and team information is continuously updated to create strategies, projects, processes and ToDo’s.

Each person navigates a path that optimizes personal, team and organization workflows and productivity.

See the four simple screens that WorkNav uses.

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