Self-Managing Individuals and Teams

Streamlined self-management is the key.  Each person must be able to access their tasks in relevant activities and interact with the stakeholders involved.  Plus, management processes are simplified and automated to make distributed management easy to consistently apply in the real world.

Managers have some knowledge and some knowledge is held by the people doing the work.  For quality solutions to meet the needs of all stakeholders, all the people involved need to be able to participate and contribute to decisions.

Team members no longer have difficulty identifying and fitting together all the tasks and ToDo’s that they are involved in.  So they are clear about the best path, and can make decisions based on complete and relevant information.

Self-managing task teams composed of self-managing individuals reduces the need for external managers and makes global working together in any situation practical.  This is a game changer for achieving a work-life balance and arguably the greatest advancement in management in the last 50 years.

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