Supports all Management Methods & Styles

Distributed management simplifies working together because people can operate in a way that they understand and feel comfortable with.  The Interactive Work Navigation Platform brings together their work with other people’s work, even though they are operating differently.

Distributed management provides the means for each person to manage from their perspective, rather than only that of a manager.  It is an inclusive approach, because everyone already manages themselves.  Managers are just individuals performing a particular role in tasks and teams.

Each person can operate independently or come together with other people for a task: whether they are a manager, responsible for the task, a direct participant, or an indirect participant who needs to know about it.

Any management method or style is supported concurrently – niche methods, top-down, bottom-up, teams, visionary, autocratic - with less micro managing, democratic or laissez fair.

A huge benefit of distributed management is that anyone from anywhere can manage all their tasks together in their own method and style.

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